CCS is excited to officially announce Sarah E. DeBouter as the newest member of its Board of Directors. She brings past experience at CCS as part of 10 years of work in nonprofits, as a mentor, trainer, teacher, and servant/thought leader.

“I seek to build positive work cultures that welcome diversity and foster an environment of autonomy, respect, and shared values,” Sarah said. “As a former employee of Champlain Community Services, I can firmly say there is no other organization that truly lives and breathes their values and mission. I’m excited to join the Board of an organization that creates lasting change and constantly strives to make lives better for both their employees and the people they serve.”

Sarah currently serves as  Training and Support Director with MENTOR Vermont, and a Senior Instructor at Norwich University. She holds a B.A. in English and M.S. in Leadership with a concentration in Lead Change Management Consulting from Norwich University.

Outside of work, Sarah said, “I am a community theater actor, a singer, a dancer, a book club facilitator, a fiber craft creator, a painter, a musician, a poet, a gamer, and a proud cat mom. If my life were a book, I’d ride the fine line between magic realism and fantasy.”

Originally from Middlebury, Sarah now lives in Berlin.