The Bridging group had a great time-sharing experiences with Eclipse 2024 today. Topper from Green Mountain Self Advocates was with us. This allowed time to work on some Self Advocacy Skills such as a game called “Making Your Case”. Since this activity teaches an important skill to have, we will be returning to it again soon. Peer Mentors, Brandon and Meayva, are already thinking of some new scenarios to support this important Self Advocacy growing work.

Though it seems long again, I do want to say that the Transforming Muffin Men had a great trip to the South Burlington Library with a tour from Almy. The Rainbow Reachers made GREAT Energy Balls at City Market with Carries and the 5 Awesome Heroes (minus Carlton) had a great visit with Mike at Hire Ability in their new home on Lakeside Avenue in the Innovation Building.

On Friday, the groups will be back in action. The Awesome Heroes will have their Mock Interviews with Chris. The Muffin Men will be doing a volunteer stint at Feeding Chittenden and the Rainbow Reachers will be checking out Succeed.