Each month, CCS staff members get to celebrate colleagues going “above and beyond” in the past month, Here’s the list of those recognized at our February meeting!

Michelle – thank you for your great support of the Bridging Peer Mentorship program is allowing it to grow into a successful program. It’s fun for us all to see these young people growing in their sense of self and their leadership skills.

Sadie – I would like to nominate Sadie for all the work she has put into Karaoke and the lunch group.

Chris – for organizing and taking care of a very unpleasant file upload! Thank you so much!

Osten – thank you for support with a client.

Randy – Thank you for repairing the heat in my office – also I’d like to announce that the CCS Hot Yoga Space in Beth’s office is now closed.

Josh – for being an awesome service coordinator and excellent mentor.

To all new staff of the past few years– thank you for your great participation in the Champlain Voices Self Advocacy Training. The group LOVES meeting you and hearing what brings you to CCS.

Erin – at the end of the day on a Friday she took the time to help me troubleshoot a last minute UKG issue, thanks Erin!

Emily K and Ken L – Thank you for cleaning and organizing the art closet. It looks amazing!

Wendy and Sara B  – thank you for taking such good care of CCS’s composting and recycling. It’s much appreciated.

Andrew – for your thoughtful approach and willingness to help learn sign language alongside a client. Self-advocacy starts with communication!

David – thank you for volunteering to take a client to an after-hours staff party. Community and workplace inclusion doesn’t stop at 4 pm.

Chris – Thanks Chris for your jovial assistance through all kinds of our surprising twists and turns of IT life.

Melissa – thank you for your detailed notes and for always checking in when you’re unsure of something. Your kindness and thoughtfulness is appreciated by all.

To everyone taking Kayleigh’s ASL class – thanks for being such a fun group to learn something new with. I admire your great and successful efforts to expand your sense of communication.