Sure, the solar eclipse is super exciting – but nothing outshines or eclipses our “staff stars!” Here are our Catch-A-Star winners for April . . .

Natalie-Your patience, help, support, and great ideas are so appreciated-thank you.

Josh and MU’s coverage team-thank you for taking such good care in such a difficult time for him. Because of you, he is happier than he has been in a while and is able to have more control over his life.

Andrew, Geoff , Kirby, Morgan, Emily K, Emily P, Osten, David O, Lena and Erin for helping out with all MU’s coverage needs.

Mike (and Ann!) – thank you so much for the wonderful photographs of the Bridging students’ Pod Treasures performance. And . . . from one of the parents-  “I know you guys have an award for the month–can I nominate Ann and Mike for helping during a medical emergency?” (And to follow up on that-The student was back at Bridging on Friday in good form.) If you’re wondering who Ann is, it is Ann Zuccardy (our Awards Lunch speaker and honorary staffer!) who was at the event and jumped into acttion!

Noah- thank you for jumping in and helping a consumer you were cross training with, you went above and beyond to meet their needs.

Karen – thank you for all your hard work putting together the wonderful Inservice Day Training in March!

Lena – a huge shout out to Lena for stepping in and assisting me with information for an employer.  This helped the process greatly! Thank you, you are the best!

Shiel and Freya – thank you for your quick actions and kind hearts.

Lena and Rachel P.  -thank you for taking over my shift unexpectedly so our consumers could receive services that day. I appreciate the no hesitation and quickness to be helpful.

Chris –  A giant thank you for all the work that went into switching the phone system to TEAMs and re-recording our messages! It went off without a hitch. This is already helping us be more available in this Mobil 1st world.

Anna and helpers – for putting on one heck of a bake sale/ fundraiser for the Humane society! The place was packed, and the “goods” were AMAZING.

Jenn W – thank you for putting together the awesome Eclipse bags!

Julie – thank you for gathering all the items for the eclipse bags! Moon pies and sun chips oh my!

Zachary – 5 stars to Zach for giving good care, dedication, and continuous love to his clients especially JW.

Emily P – Grateful for Emily and her commitment to this work. I trust Emily to get things done- she is great at navigating challenging situations. A true gem!

Oliver– it’s been a joy getting to watch Oliver with clients. He’s really tuned into his clients and is always seeking opportunities to enrich their lives.

Matt– Thankful for Matt and his gentle approach to this work. He is inquisitive and thoughtful.

Shelley– Shelley brings the most wonderful energy to the job.