We’re starting to wrap up Session Two, which always feels like it began long ago because it straddles our Holiday vacation and directly precedes our Winter Break.

Last Friday the Rainbow Reachers created new wall art for us. We LOVE it. The 5 Awesome Heroes learned about a housing program and the Muffin Men interviewed Karen about her job at CCS. 

Monday the Rainbow Reachers made a PSA at Town Meeting TV about the upcoming Total Eclipse of the sun that will happen here in Vermont on April 8th. Stay tuned for the show once Travis edits it.

The 5 Awesome Heroes visited a fitness center to learn more about taking care of our bodies in fun ways.

The Transforming Muffin Men had their first info interview. Jeffrey interviewed Eileen at Wendy’s. So awesome!! 

Today the group worked with Edward, playing games and rehearsing something that will be at our upcoming Pod Treasures, Wednesday February 21st  from 10:00-11:30 at Vermont Public.

– from Emily Anderson, Coordinator