CCS thanks Price Chopper’s Golub Foundation for its $1,000 grant in support of the Peer Mentor component of our Bridging program. The Foundation has supported us with sponsorships of our Spring events in the past and we are excited to receive program support.

Peer Mentors support the functioning of the Bridging Program while developing leadership skills and pursuing goals that will continue to assist them in their adult lives. Peer Mentors have previously been members of Bridging. They are now contracted workers (or staff) of CCS.


  • Help facilitate group meetings – share the agenda, gather reports from groups at the end of the day, share upcoming Bridging activities and events.
  • Celebrate our community.
  • Lead Mindful Moving
  • Lead groups in the community
  • Connect with the students as peers and as people who have gone through the Bridging program
  • Share examples from their lives
  • Take on Bridging projects that interest them and use their skills
  • Provide insights to Bridging coordinator and staff on how some ways we work with the students could be different (how we say what we say, the tone we have when we say it)
  • . . . and more