Bridging at CCS

Connecting students to resources vital to their transition to adulthood.

Bridging’s mission is to assist school-aged youth with disabilities to step confidently into their adult years by introducing them to meaningful community opportunities, exploring topics connected to healthy adult living and building healthy relationships.

Working with para-educators from partner schools, Bridging Coordinator Emily Anderson, guides students through a full academic year organized around four learning modules:

  • career exploration
  • community connection
  • independent living
  • advocacy

Career Exploration

Participants benefit from the on-site resource of the award-winning Way2Work, and School2Work programs. Students gain pre-vocational training, explore potential careers, cite “dream jobs,” and gain work experience. Students offer tours of work sites and share on-the-job experiences with their peers.

Community Connection

Students engage businesses, community organizations, and leaders, and discover community resources. Each gets the chance to learn and share everyday stories.

“Each student can interact with someone they don’t know, to share who they are and find out who the other person is, in a way that’s safe,” said Bridging Coordinator Emily Anderson.

Independent Living

Students gain training, support, and experience for independent living skills of their choosing – from using public transportation, to cooking and nutrition, to financial skills.

Opportunities Credit Union in Burlington is an important program partner, offering students sessions on: the history of money, lending, and banking.


Bridging participants created a self-advocacy group, the 22nd affiliate group of Green Mountain Self-Advocates  called Bridging Advocates Together.

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