Champlain Voices – Self Advocacy

Champlain Voices

Champlain Voices meetings are open to anyone interested in self-advocacy.

CCS encourages individuals to express themselves through self-advocacy; speaking for oneself, making decisions, solving problems. Taking control of one’s life.

We host Champlain Voices self-advocacy group, which  meets every Monday afternoon to plan educational social events, problem solve disability-related challenges, mentor high school students, and connect with peers.

Champlain Voices is part of a statewide network of advocacy groups coordinated by Green Mountain Self Advocates.

Champlain Voices Officers

Hasan Ko, President
Mark Utter, Vice President
Kenny Lafoe, Secretary
Treasurer, Paul Nichols
Thomas Caswell, GMSA Correspondent

We set goals

Education: Learn about how advocates at other agencies participate in training of new staff

Awareness:  Implement this learning into training activities for new staff at CCS

Community Service: Design an “Advocates In-Service Day,” a fun day for CCS consumers with informative workshops and creative activities

Fun: still under consideration

AND . . . we met or exceeded many goals last year.

Mark Utter
Mark Utter delivered a speech on the State Budget at a Press Conference at the Vermont State House, organized by Vermont Care Partners.

Read Mark’s full testimony

Bowling Party
Champlain Voices organized a Bowling Party at Spare Time. It also serve as a “Goodbye Party” for Thomas Caswell, who moved on to Project Search.

Voter Registration/Mock Election
In October 2016, we worked with League of Women Voters and other partners to deliver voter registration education and training, organize official Voter Registration drive, and hold a Mock Election.

Learn more about Champlain Voices' Self Advocacy

Contact Emily Anderson, Advocacy Facilitator (802) 655-0511 x163

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