Champlain Voices Self-Advocacy

Champlain Voices

Champlain Voices meetings are open to anyone interested in self-advocacy.

CCS encourages individuals to express themselves through self-advocacy; speaking for oneself, making decisions, solving problems. Taking control of one’s life.

We host Champlain Voices, a self-advocacy group which  meets every Monday afternoon to plan educational social events, problem solve disability-related challenges, mentor high school students, and connect with peers.

Champlain Voices is part of a statewide network of advocacy groups coordinated by Green Mountain Self Advocates.

Champlain Voices Officers

Thomas Caswell, President
Ken Lafoe, Vice President
Jay Lafayette, Secretary
Jess Kilpec, Treasurer
Thomas Caswell, GMSA Correspondent

We set annual goals in four areas:

Education: Have a presentation led by peers on how Facilitated Communication works.

Awareness:  Create a slideshow that shows, “people with disabilities can do anything.”

Community Service: Further the idea of  an “advocates in-service day,” which morphed into the wish to have a CCS Town Meeting.

Fun: Picnic party at Oakledge Park in Burlington.

AND . . . we met or exceeded many goals last year.

Learn more about Champlain Voices' Self Advocacy

Contact Emily Anderson, Advocacy Facilitator (802) 655-0511 x163

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