MEDIA RELEASE: Champlain Community Services (CCS) announces that Vermont PBS will present the premiere television broadcast of the short movie, “I am in here.” as part of their “Made Here” program, featuring regional filmmakers that see the world from unique and vast perspectives. This award-winning docudrama, written by Mark Utter, showcases a day in Mark’s life before he had access to “facilitated communication.” In the film, a visitor from his intelligent mind tells the audience what Mark is really thinking.

“I am in here.”, described by Utter as, “a docudrama with hues of tragicomedy mixed in,” highlights the contrast between people’s perceptions of Mark and the intelligent man trapped inside.

Asked about his motivation to make the film, Utter replied, “I was stuck, and the only way out was literally to tell my story, bringing into employment my until-then misunderstood mind.” What he hopes people take from the film is a greater understanding that no matter our “labels,” we all struggle to communicate – and that those of us who have a much harder time of it might have more insight into the art of communication.

“I really want people to believe that we are all in our minds, and to look at us ‘different’ people with eyes that try to presume our competence,” Utter said.

Like many children with autism, Mark grew up unable to speak. (In the U.S. prior to the 1980s, most children and young adults with autism were excluded from traditional schools. Some were placed in mental institutions.) But at age 30, Mark’s life changed when he was introduced to the idea of communicating with typing by Pascal Cheng.

Since then, Mark has gone on to not only author a successful screenplay, but to author a popular blog, “Utterly Mark” and travels as an in-demand consultant and motivational speaker. And he says he’s not nearly finished communicating and growing.

“I still crave a larger impact that will truly allow me to live my true vision of a good life,” Utter said.

“I am in here.” airs on Vermont PBS along with a 15-minute interview with Mark on 04/11/19, 7:00 pm ,with subsequent airing on 04/13/19, 11:00pm Vermont PBS Plus, 04/14/19, 2:00 pm Vermont PBS, 04/15/19, 9:00 pm Vermont PBS Plus, 04/26/19, 9:36 pm Vermont PBS Plus. 

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