Each month CCS staff recognize colleagues who added a little something extra to the mix in the past month. Here’s the list of “Catch-a-Stars” honored at our August “All Staff” meeting:

RoZe – for managing a potential crisis with quick action, wise collaboration, and a big smile on her face the whole time.  What a pleasure it is to work with you!!!  

 Jenn W – She is typically thanked for her incredible work around the schedules, but beyond that, I want to thank her for being such an incredible leader who steps up in a positive and practical manner at all times. CCS is lucky to have her.  

 Sara B – Special thanks to Sara for doing such a great job with taking care of the recycling and composting.   

 Paige – for doing whatever it takes to show up for the people who count on her. Thank you, Paige! 

 Christopher – Shout out to Christopher for helping me navigate my laptop and assist me in setting up my office phone. You are just what CCS needs, thank you! 

 Christopher – another shout out to Christopher for correcting a computer problem that seemed impossible to fix. Thank you for taking the time to research and get the application running again.  

 Liz – Shout out to Liz. You are a ray of sunshine! Thank you, thank you for being available to answer my many questions and giving me client feedback as I navigate into my new role.  

 David – Thank you to David for giving another DSP an individual’s ISA and a handwritten note about his personal experience with this individual so the DSP could immediately digest the best way to be around this person.  

 Emily K – for supporting an individual at a conference that was very meaningful to this individual.  

Congrats and Thanks to all!