As we moved to remote work from home and virtual connections we wanted to be able to share resources that help keep us connected to the outside world and, through sharing them , one another. This eclectic list – for now organized less by category than who shared them – should help enliven, educate, energize and entertain during these largely isolated times.

Also note: We have a separate page hosting “The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Museum Resources, E-Learning, and Online Collections,” a list of links and portals to thousands of cultural sites, collections and tours as complied by MCN and offered FREE to nonmembers during this crisis.

And: It’s still a “work in progress” but we’ve launched a CCS Staff “group” page on Facebook to answer the request for an interactive site, where folks can post directly (great if it’s a last-minute pop-up streaming concert, etc) and also share feedback on sites or suggest virtual book groups, movie watches, etc. Check to out and ask to join if you want. Then, help build it!

For now, thanks to all who contributed links! Send questions, updates, and/or additions to Mike Reilly

Here’s the list we’ve built together so far . . .

From Sadie:

PLUS . . .

From Scott:

Learn to Juggle! Scott says, “This is a virtual juggling lesson offered by Mashobane Moruthane, one of my daughters former Waldorf instructors. It is intended for children but he is entertaining and of my favorite people on the planet.”

Posted by Mashobane Moruthane on Thursday, March 19, 2020

From Beth:

Coronavirus for Kids, and the Science of Soap: A podcast for kids on, among other things, the power of soap and water. On VPR’s “But Why? Podcast for Kids”

From Michelle: Virtual Horseshow

From Natalie:

  • Storyline Online: Live readings of children’s books by celebrities
  • Adventures in Familyhood: Links to virtual tours of zoo’s, museums, aquariums, and virtual “traveling” with activities to go along with each opportunity:

From Tiernan: Safe and Easy Science Experiments:

Make Your Own Lava Lamp  

Make A Storm In A Glass 

Make Your Own Play-Doh

Make Snow Fluff 

Make Your Own Crystals 

Make Rock Candy

and MORE from Tiernan: Microwave recipes

From Judy:

Open Culture: Soothing, Uplifting Resources for Parents & Caregivers Stressed by the COVID-19 Crisis

Popular Audio Books:

Virtual travel: visit world famous sites from your couch!

From Kristi AND Sadie:

“Home Safari” from Cincinnati Zoo every day at 3 p.m.

WORKOUTS! From Kristi AND Ashley:

From Laurie:

Melissa Etheridge is doing short concerts daily from her home on Facebook Live

From Emily (links to VIDEOS!):

From Karen:

A reminder we all have access to excellent resources through our Employee Assistance Plan at Invest EAP

From Liz:

Pay cards on-line!

From Michelle: Remote Fitness Resources for Older individuals who are blind

  • Aaptiv audio-based fitness workouts 
  • Audible has audio workouts that are perfect for people who cannot see a video 
  • sweatco  keeps a record of your steps and you get paid to walk. You can spend the money on items they carry.  
  • Tabata four minute training videos 

MORE . . .

Local Resources with access to MANY videos:

Stuck in Vermont (at Seven Days)

Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce COVID-19 Resource Guide