a Direct Support Professional at CCS

“I’ve worked at CCS for over 6 years, I started when my daughter, Natalie, was in Kindergarten. Long story short: CCS never made me choose between work and being there for Natalie when she needed me. I never felt like I’d be reprimanded, and I never had the fear of losing my job. (I did lose one once when I was in and out of doctors’ offices with her when she was little.) 

Whether it was medical appointments, sick days where she couldn’t go to school or she had to be picked up from school early, or other reasons – I was just able to go do it. There were many, many times over the years when I had to just go be there for her. Being a single mom, with very little help parenting, this was and IS invaluable. In many cases it’s not as simple for other single parents. I don’t mean to be dramatic, but the flexibility, the understanding, and the family at CCS allowed me to be the mom my child needed – whenever she needed it – and believe it or not, support her. (Thanks Beth!)

So, in a sentence? CCS made balancing work life and being a single parent not only possible, but enjoyable and rewarding.”