Paul is an experienced advocate and past President of Champlain Voices Self-Advocates. He wanted to share a bit of his story as a photographer who not only shows his work but has created multiple business platforms for that work.

“I’ve been taking photography classes for a few years and wanted to see if I could get more serious and eventually start my own business,” Paul said. “I got myself a nice camera and I’m learning how to take photos independently by using some assistive technology on my wheelchair.  Right now I’m focused on learning how to take great pictures, and once I get better I want to turn my photography into a business.”

That wish is becoming reality. “I already have an Etsy page, a Facebook marketplace page, and my registered business name (BestBetzPhotography),” Paul said. “I’m also working with other local groups and artists to find places where I can display my art, and I may be showing my photos at a gallery this summer.”


Here are just a few examples of Paul’s work (click on image to see larger size):




CCS is working with Champlain Voices Self-Advocates to help raise awareness through a “Spread the Word” initiative. Thank you, Paul, for sharing this personal story, and your art, as part of the project.