a Way2Work success story

Brandon says he was initially nervous about his chances to get a first job, but wanted to try. ”I thought working would be fun and keep me busy,” he said. “I don’t like to be bored.”  No worries there. In June, with support from School2Work, Brandon landed two jobs – at Subway in Essex, and a seasonal gig at West Bolton Golf Course that he hopes to return to next year. 

Brandon’s favorite responsibility at Subway is “prep work, keeping things nice and neat,” he said. “And I like the free food.” The golf course is a good fit for his love of the outdoors. “They had a nice view up there,” he said.

A graduate of Bridging at CCS, Brandon said that experience helped him negotiate the challenge of starting two new jobs. “The Bridging program helped me learn and practice life skills and build confidence,” he said. He said he still calls on skills developed in Bridging.

Brandon said it took some time for him to understand his tasks at both jobs, but learning his positions further built his confidence. And he credits his employers with helping him succeed.  He said he’s received solid training and support and, citing occasional memory issues, said he’s confident he can find support when he’s stuck.

Brandon is not certain about his career goals, or what jobs he might want in the future. But he’s developing strong work skills and building a solid resume. We like his chances moving forward.

“Brandon began his experience with a great amount of uncertainty in his potential,” said Liz Underwood, Youth Employment Specialist. “Since then, he’s not only progressed, but flourished at both job sites. Seeing him grow in so many ways and being part of that experience has been an honor. His team and I could not be prouder of how far he’s come these past few months.”