This summer, our PGLL campuses have been exploring our great state through hands-on, interactive excursions to parks, museums, farms, and more!Both the Colchester and Newport campuses recentlyoffered great opportunities to visit local farms and animals.

Here are the reports:

PGLL UPDATE – Colchester Campus from Anna Kremer, Peer Growth and Lifelong Learning Campus Facilitator:

Last week, we attended the Shooting Fire Ceremony with Alnobaiwi at the Abenaki Village in Ethan Allen Homestead to celebrate Skweda paskhôzik, the midsummer solstice. We packed small bags with herbs, sweet grass, and kinnikinnick that were placed into a large fire from which arrows were lit. At solar noon, the arrows were shot toward the sun to carry good wishes to the sky. What a great opportunity to learn from members of Vermont’s Abenaki community and celebrate the “official” turn to summer.

This week, our CCS group visited The Mini Farm in Milton. We met friendly goats, miniature horses, ducks, chickens, rabbits, a cat, and even a frog. They were all so cute! We learned about the hard work it takes to run a farm from our guide, and he even let us into the pasture to pet the horses and goats.

The summer is off to a great start, and we are looking forward to exploring even more amazing places in our Green Mountain State in July and August.


PGLL UPDATE – Newport Campus  from Anne Alley, Peer Growth and Lifelong Learning Campus Facilitator:
The Newport Campus visited Coventry Falls Alpacas. Everyone got to experience hand feeding the alpacas as well as two Mongolian camels. They are such peaceful animals with incredibly soft wool!