CCS offers staff members a chance to celebrate and honor colleagues who they notice doing something special by nominating them for “Catch-A-Star” awards. Here are the recipients named at our November All-Staff meeting . . .

Chris –  I know that saving the day is part of your job description.  Thank you for saving the day!!!

David – I’d like to nominate David O’Brien, for his steadfast advocacy on behalf of our consumers.

Oliver – who on his second day, went and emptied the dishwasher and put all the dishes where they belonged.

Noah – for your fun, buddy-style approach with consumers, and for having a consistently positive attitude!

Julie – for always going the extra mile and being so helpful to everyone.

Beth and Karen – thank you for the gift and the delicious dinner at the staff dedication event!

Way2Work colleagues – thank you, dear Way2Work colleagues, for supporting the Bridging Peer Mentors when I became ill and then 2 weeks later for a planned trip to Reno to support one of the people, we serve who was presenting at an International Conference. You were all awesome in your unique ways!

Emily P – for your wonderful laugh and for always being so friendly and positive with coworkers and the people you support.

Karen – for covering for a coworker and answering a CCS alarm call at 2:40 am!
CONGRATS and THANKS to all the winners!