Who got singled out for special recognition by their peers at this month’s All-Staff meeting? Let’s see the November edition of “Catch-A-Star!”

Thank you to George, Phiona, Liz, and Lane for all your help with a tricky situation last weekend.   

Thank you to the Covid Task Force for their long hours, thoughtful, caring engagement and being willing to drop everything and pay attention to the needs of everyone, all at once, when needed. Thank you for taking time out of your work, your lives, and your energy to help us stay safe.   

 Roxy - thank you for dropping everything and helping out! You are a lifesaver!  

 Freya - for always being there, for your great communication and support.  

 Brent - thank you for helping us out for our zoom when you were very busy. Much Appreciated!  

 Julie – thank you for being kind and going the extra mile.  

 Nurse Laurie - thank you for your Amazing Advice.  

 George, Phiona, Liz, Laurie O and Service Coordinator Team! Thank you all so much for your support working with a client in high need and going above and beyond the call of duty! 

 Service Coordinators – Thank you all for being such a supportive team! It is great to work with all of you 😊 

 Beth – Thank you for all you do to advocate for the best for our clients and staff! It is special to have such a wonderfully supportive advocate all around.  

 Ashley for the W2W support this week while Michelle was not in.  

 Thank you for all the hallway waves! So nice to see each other. 

 Randy: filling some very big shoes in a very big and wonderful way.