Every month we invite CCS staff to nominate colleagues for “Catch-a-Star” awards to recognize exceptional recent work. Here are those honored at our May all-staff meeting:

Pat – I’d like to thank Pat for all the support she has given me.  

Mike – I’d like to recognize Mike R for putting together the CCS luncheon.  With the upsurge of Covid cases, folks were not quite sure about attending, and he needed to submit the headcount.  Low and behold!!  ON THE DAY of the luncheon, Mother Nature decided to dump some very heavy wet snow on us, causing blackouts in various areas!!  Mike, thank you for pulling this off…the event went smoothly, the food was great, and folks were happy to see each other!   

Brent – thank you to Brent for a late-night visit to the office for a burglar alarm check.   

Laurie – thank you for helping us navigate all things medical—and there are a lot! Your expertise is much appreciated.  

Freya – you take care of everything with a smile.   

Sara B – thank you Sara for your amazing service in providing us a variety of snacks and beverages. Your dedication to your vending work when the ole dinosaur does not want to cooperate is phenomenal. Thank you, Sara. Keep up the good work! You are awesome. 

Trish – for making the Way2Work Galley sparkle. And for doing everything she does with a smile on her face. 

Liz – For being an amazing foster dog mom for a client. You are the best! 

Julie – thank you Julie for being so thoughtful and kind. You are awesome!  

Pat, Shiel, Michelle P, Beth – For all the support you have given a client to allow them to move back into their home.  

Way2Work Team – Thank you all so much for all the work supporting clients in returning all the employment opportunities we have.  Great work! 

To my whole work family at CCS – for everything you each contribute to making this a wonderful place to work!  

Cindy – for your consistent kindness and calm. 

Randy – thank you for the delicious fiddlehead ferns.  

Pat – for meeting each abrupt change in the schedules with humor and an unwavering commitment to the people we serve. 

Karen – for putting so much thought and energy into making everyone at CCS feel as valued as we are.  


Congrats and Thanks to all the winners!