What a team we have at CCS! A long list of staff members earned “Catch-a-Star” recognition at our April All-Staff meeting. Winners are nominated by their colleagues. Here’s the list – THANKS to all you stars and those that spotted them . . .

Karen  Shout out to Karen – You rock! Thank you for letting me interview you for my HRM class, you were thorough, and very precise. You’re always going above and beyond for our staff, and for that, Thank you! 

Freya   shout out to Freya, thank you for sitting in with SB last week. You always put your clients and your staff above all else. I am happy to be part of your team! 

Marie D – Thanks for your hard work and great communication! You are greatly appreciated! 

Karen – Thank you for all you do in the background! It is much appreciated! 

Michelle P – What is there that you cannot do! You are amazing and do so much for CCS and Way2Work, where would we be without you!? 

Rachael  Rachael for her calm and cheerful energy in the pouring rain, and subsequently soaking wet and cold, while supporting a consumer in the parking lot with an unexpected difficulty.  

Wayne –  He’s great with the clients, can be counted on to help,  really connects with his sense of humor, and is all around a great CCS person! 

Tiernan – Thank you for doing such thorough notes and for working hard on each and every goal that your clients have! It does not go unnoticed!

Maggie – Thank you for giving the virtual groups so much life and energy! You always know how to get the crowd going. 

Kristi – Thank you for always being so positive and kind to everyone you encounter. Your consistency and dedication are more valuable than you know! 

Morgan – Thank you for being so calm through tough circumstances and pushing through with a positive attitude through car issues, shift changes, and overall mishaps!

Julie –  Thank you for always being so kind and thoughtful and thinking of our people and thinking of ways to keep them interested and engaged. 

Freya  Thank you Freya for all the many ways that you are a positive support to our team and so many great changes for our shared person. 

Chelsea  You always have a great strategy to everything, very much appreciated, thank you. 

Marie L –  Thank you for the opportunities to attend Zooms and easy access to get into Zoom, along with always being so cheerful. 

Beth- Thank you for keeping everyone safe in a world that is always changing and for our masks.  

Emily P    Thank you for organizing the art closet, it looks amazing!

Kristi K, Emily K, Racheal B  Thank you for all being so genuine and kindhearted, you are a great team to work with!

Jenn   You’re a great supervisor! Thank you for always being supportive and having a great sense of humor. 

Leigh  Thank you for your help with a funding request, couldn’t have done it without you!

Natalie G Your constant help around  ISA’s, ISA reviews and countless ISA questions has been incredible, thank you for all your help! You rock! 

Nathaniel  My computer wants to thank you as I am now virus free! 

Wendy  Thanks for going above and beyond for your clients. You’re a fantastic DSP!