We celebrate extraordinary efforts by our staff by recognizing “Catch-A-Star” winners at our monthly staff meetings. Winners are nominated by their peers.

Here are the winners named at the August meeting

Marie D – for bringing and staying with an individual that went to the hospital and ensuring he received the care he needed. 

Team Awesome – (Brook, Michelle H, Freya, Chelsea, Lane, Pat, and Katy) – for always being available to speak with a caller, DSP, or an individual at a moment’s notice.   

Chelsea — Thanks for being a Super Service Coordinator!   

Julie — Thanks for always being so kind and helpful when I’m in the office 

Freya- Thanks for ALL that you do – it’s very much appreciated 

Randy – thank you for helping me move MM into his new Shared Living Providers home. Randy took time out of his day to help me and lifted HEAVY items. I couldn’t have done it without him…Thanks! 

Kristi -Thanks for being so flexible and optimistic every single day! I am SO lucky to have you on my team and here at CCS. 

Maggie – Thanks for taking on extra work to help support the needs of CCS. I SO appreciate you!! Also, thanks for bringing so much energy and fun into the lives of CCS clients. We’re lucky to have you!!! 

Marie D – Thank you for your great efforts helping to coordinate a client to be included in the Spirit of Ethan Allen even though it was unfortunately canceled at the last minute. 

Julie- Just a sincere thank you for all that you do😊 

Patty – Your support and care for your clients is truly wonderful, thank you for all you do. 

Wendy – Your support helping a client change her eating habits and get more exercise has done wonders for her confidence, thank you!! 

Emily P, Emily K. and George – Thank you for your flexibility and helping our client on the weekends, it is so incredibly appreciated! 

Randy – Thank you for keeping CCS in tip top shape and always turning on the A/C in my office in the mornings! 

Congratulations, all you stars!