We used the opening of our CCS Staff Retreat on Fri., 9/17 to reveal the latest winners of staff “Star” recognition, as awarded by their colleagues. Here’s the list . . .

Pat  – thanks to Pat Normandeau for lending her computer so my person could join a Zoom meeting.  

Justin – For all your support to a consumer who was navigating a tricky work situation, and for providing the team with clear and honest feedback. You’re a Rock Star! 

George – Thank you so much for stepping up to support a consumer in extreme need.  All your extra time is very much appreciated! 

Jess – Thank you for all the wonderful services you provide to your consumer. 

Marie D – Thank you for your dedication and care for all consumers! 

Patty – You are amazing in your work with each consumer. Thank you so much! 

Paige – What wonderful work you do for each of your consumers. Thank you! 

Freya- thank you for all you do and for providing assistance or coverage to your coworkers in need. You are a Rock Star! 

Pat  -thank you for all your hard work. We are lucky to have you! 

Lucy – thank you for all your time and hard work in the CCS gardens this summer. The gardens were beautiful – thank you for the extra TLC.  

Maria – thank you for your amazing presentation recently. Your knowledge and passion for the subject matter was incredible.  


Congrats and Thanks to all the winners!