Each month staff members who have performed above and beeyond alreaady high expectations are nominated by their colleagues for “Catch-a-Star” recognition. Here are those honored at our June All-Staff:

Bill – Bill has been a rock star with job development! He’s engaging with new employers as well as individuals in services who have not worked for extended periods. Keep up the great work Bill!  

Liz -A big star to Liz Underwood for organizing the Dragon Boat Festival again this year. Go Team CCS! 

Marie – who after spending the whole night awake during a client crisis, then helped with transportation, with a smile and lots of jokes! You sure are incredible Marie. 

Shiel – for responding swiftly to a crisis and handling it with care. Fantastic work! 

Erin – for jumping in and covering an individual who suddenly found themselves without a home. You made a big difference in his life today. 

Osten – who was willing to do an overnight at the drop of a hat with someone who suddenly found themselves without a home. Unbelievably Outstanding!!  

To the service coordinator, nursing, safety officer and senior manager team for coming together, brainstorming, doing last minute interviews, training people, covering, delivering Hoyer lifts, making calls, running background checks and ALL the other things needed in an ‘all hands-on deck’ moment. It sure is great to have a team like you.  

Team AB – Thank you all for the creative thinking and the showing up and the commitment!  I am, as always, so proud to be working with you!  

Chris – thank you for partnering with me for the EVV and for setting up the consumer satisfaction survey.