Every month we invite CCS staff to nominate colleagues for “Catch-a-Star” awards to recognize exceptional recent work. Here are those honored at our June all-staff meeting:


Marie G –  for stepping up out of her never ending to do list and never emptying inbox to take a person to a doctor’s appointment. So many people affected in a positive way by this generousness!!!

Emily K – For bringing humor and kindness to her work and being our amazing coworker and friend!

Liz – thank you for your attention to detail when giving medications.  Your attention to detail and reporting errors immediately shines a light on the places where more education and support is needed.  This helps us prevent future errors.

Freya and Pat: Thank you both for stepping in and figuring out last minute cover for two 24 hr. support positions and on a Friday no less. You two are amazing!

Lucy: thank you for supporting the advocates in their quest to enhance their Infused Water at the Intentional Garden Party- the result was delicious

Mike- Staff Photographer Extraordinaire!

Ashley D.: Thank you for always being available to answer my many scheduling questions around employment!

Anne: Thank you for your great communication we are lucky to have you.

A group catch a star – to Emily Anderson, Michelle Paya, and Liz Underwood for putting together a very wonderful Bridging Gala!!  So heartwarming to see a gathering of students from various schools become supportive peers of one another, and proudly sharing their achievements with their families and friends!

Mike – If you’re on Facebook, check out the beautiful photo captures that Mike Reilly, CCS photographer extraordinaire posted on CCS’s site on the Bridging Gala. Thank you, Mike, for capturing the moment!

Natalie – thank you for giving me some good advice while I was trying to navigate a tricky situation.

Liz –   thank you for being such a great assistant. You’re on to bigger and better things but you have created a big footprint for this role.

Rachael B- Thank you for your perseverance and flexibility! A recent transition home for a client has gone a lot smoother because of your can-do attitude and infectious laugh!

Torin and David – so graciously jumped in to support our clients for Memorial Day weekend even if they both had busy weekends planned!

Pat: Thank you for taking on call pager at the last minute to cover the weekend for a sick co-worker. You are an amazing teammate!

Wendy -Big shout out to Wendy Parker, for being her dedicated, professional, super-competent self!!


Congratulations and Thanks to all the winners!