CCS revealed the winner of the inaugural “Don Kent Award for Dedication, Integrity and Inclusion” at last week’s All-Staff In-Service day, and we are proud to CONGRATULATE the winner – Julie Campbell!
Don retired late last year and CCS created the award in his name, in honor of all that he brought to CCS over his many years of service. We invited nominations from the entire staff.
Like Don, Julie is a beloved member our the CCS Family, as reflected in the comments below, made by those nominating her:
  • For everything that she does . . . and always with a great attitude!
  • She is so quiet but professional – she is a caring presence of all the insanity of things to do at CCS. She never cracks, complains, or is disgruntled – all of this and she still loves her job and she’s great with the consumers, too. Very gentle and kind and upbeat, all the while she continues to plow through all of her paperwork and responsibilities. She is a star among us! 🙂
  • CCS would be lost without her! She keeps everything running smoothly in the background and makes sure all the gears are moving and greased. She is always so soft spoken and polite to speaking with anyone in the building AND she has been in the building throughout this whole pandemic holding down the fort (literally the fort).
  • Julie is humble, helpful, and always so positive. CCS would not be able to function without the hard work she does and her dedication shows over and over again!!
  • Just an incredible kind and warm person who is so hardworking and keeps this place in tip top shape.
  • Humble, calm, a “Jill of All Trades”. . . the glue that holds CCS together.
  • Work ethic, dedication to service, short response time, kindness, willingness to help, consistent demeanor, humility, knowledge. Simply incredible.
  • I don’t know how CCS would operate without her!