CCS is pleased to introduce (in his own words!) Scott Rosenblum, our newest Residential Direct Support Professional. Welcome, Scott!

“Scott is an icon and an iconoclast. He’s a fashion maven who you may have caught featured on the cover of Seven Days and in the centerfold of Vermont Life, or in the winter spreading smiles through the ski school programs at Mad River Glen. In 2016, Scott went on a solo unsupported bicycle tour from Hinesburg, VT to Oakland, CA to spread smiles to the people and further his study of the Cosmic Funk. His work of love with his partner is an emerging permaculture community wellness farm on the side of Camel’s Hump in Duxbury. Scott enjoys pigs, live music and chaos theory.  He is looking forward to sharing his experience as an autistic man with the community and offering support to those in need.”