Don Kent, who has been an institution within our institution, retired today. He served CCS (under that agency name and the three that came before that!) for more than 44 years. Today we held a virtual retirement party with a lot of gifts and good wishes for Don, as well as tears, best wishes, and heartfelt thanks and remembrances.

Don was our building maintenance and security officer, and was instrumental in keeping things safe and secure – including during the unprecedented COVID crisis. Our Executive Director Beth Sightler remarked to would have been nice to send Don off with an easier year. But meeting thought challenges and really hard worked SO defined Don’s time at CCS that, in the end, it was probably appropriate.

Besides lifetime invitation to visit, attend events, or stop by for “bad nonprofit coffee” as Operations Director Karen Ciechanowicz put it, we announced a new annual award, The Don Kent Award, to be presented at the annual Staff In-Service training day to a deserving staff member.

Thanks for the work and memories, Don. And here’s to retirement!