The first All-Staff meeting of 2022 produced a solid list of staffers recognized by their colleagues for extraordinary contributions. Here’s the list of winners announced at our January meeting:

Jonaéthank you for being such a great resource, role model and support system, right off the bat. Your kindness does not go unnoticed.   

Len –  thank you for your help with recent computer issues and for taking care of IT problems with patience and humor.  

Liz – thank you for providing consistent, after hours care to an individual who is in need.  

Karen– You are Amazing! Thank you for ALL you do for us.  

Mike, Morgan, and the W2W Team Thanks for putting on such a fantastic food drive and pizza party! It was a fun and successful event 

George – thank you for being the emergency respite/crisis guru of CCS.  

Beth- thank you for all the holiday gifts and for everything you do to keep us healthy, protected and supported.  

Julie –   thank you for all that you do and for always being so upbeat and kind. 

Beth and the Board– for all the wonderful ways that you support the CCS family. 

Pat – thank you for navigating a delicate situation with an individual who is currently in a rehab facility. Your humor and grit are exactly what’s required! 

Spencer –   thank you for learning to run a program for your client that has been totally redesigned. Also, for hiring, and training a new team almost from scratch in an incredibly short span of time.  

Lucy – thank you for volunteering to oversee the Bingo group.    

Freyathank you for our team, you go above and beyond and its always much appreciated!   

Kristan –   Happy to have you on our team. 

Phiona – thank you for always jumping in and helping out with many, many coverages needs! 

Marie G – thank you for all your amazingly hard work within your program. Your clients are so lucky to have you!  

Jenn – You absolutely rock, thanks for everything and all you do for us! 

Covid Task Force – So much to navigate, thanks for spelling it out for us all in the most trickiest of times. 

Service Coordinators – A big, huge THANK YOU for all of the many things that you do for clients!  

DSP’s – A big, huge Thank you for all for being top notch DSP’s!