This year CCS partnered with medical students from the Larner College of Medicine at UVM on a semester-long research project through the Public Health Partnership (PHP) program.  Our team examined Understanding communication experiences of patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities in healthcare settings”

 The American Public Health Association (APHA) selected our project’s final abstract and poster from among many submissions for presentation at the APHA Annual Meeting in Boston this fall (our session is scheduled for November 7th). 

The project found, in part,Despite high levels of provider experience, communication in the healthcare setting remains challenging for individuals with IDD. Areas for improvement include targeted interventions such as personalized communication tools and patient-centered approaches. HCPs must address these factors to improve quality of care for individuals with IDD.”

Congratulations to our team of eight students on this impressive accomplishment: Ashwini Sarathy, Ty Bever, Richard Q. Vuong, Aathmika Krishnan, Olivia Domingue, Rachel Thompson, Charlotte Evans, and Michael H. Le. (CCS Development Coordinator Mike Reilly served as Community Mentor)

Thank you to Larner College of Medicine, especially our team of students and faculty mentor Dr. Stephen Everse, for your dedication to this community partnership.