At each CCS “all-staff” meeting we announced staff members nominated by their peers for work above and beyond. Here are February’s honorees . . .

Sara B and Wendy – Appreciations to Sara B & Wendy for bagging masks, as well as their weekly recycling and composting duties!

Freya – You’re a Great Team Supporter – thank you!

RoZe– You’re AMAZING!

Julie – you are very much appreciated! Thank you for all you do.

Christopher – thank you for knowing so much and for being such a patient teacher.

Karen – thank you SO much for interviewing and presenting so many wonderful additions to the CCS family!

David – thank you for your insightful observations and collaborations.

Jenn W – thank you for always having an open door.

Kristi – thank you for rolling with all the changes lately. You are a model of patience and kindness.

Lane– Your smile and laughter is infectious. I always enjoy talking with you.

Anne- We are so lucky to have you two weeks a month. You are always prepared for whatever comes your way.

RoZe– You are a rock star! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.Carol- Thank you for always going with flow when last minute changes thrown at you. Lane – thank you for doing such a great job with the radio ads!

Freya– Keep up the great work. We appreciate all you do!

Mike – for putting together a beautiful and colorful CCS annual report.

RoZe– for being a great resource no matter the circumstance.

To all the new staff – we are so excited you’re here. The advocates of Champlain Voices have very much enjoyed meeting with you and sharing their information and life experience within the Self Advocacy movement.

To all the not new DSPs – It’s so wonderful to see you supporting the new DSPs as they begin their exciting work here at CCS.

Christopher– thanks for being an excellent fit as an IT person at CCS AND for meeting the Bridging students as the interviewer for their Mock Interviews.

Lena – you’ve moved into your new position with such grace, so happy to have you here at CCS.

Paige – you’re such a solid and consistent staff for our clients, thanks for all you do. Jenn W – you’re just the best! Thanks for everything you do for us at CCS.

Michelle P and W2W Staff– You are all incredible at what you do! Thank you for the job development and amazing ongoing support for our clients.

Lane – thank you for being such a great colleague and thank you for coming into the office on weekends with me to get caught up on paperwork.