Each month we invite staff to nominate colleagues with recent standout performances. Here’s the list of Catch-a-Star winners for June:

Chris – Thank you for your endless kindness and patience. You are so approachable when I have random questions and always jump in to find solutions. You take the time to explain things and teach new tools, and I’m so grateful!

Jenn W– Big congratulations on finally being able to end the covid scheduling system! I don’t know how you did it for the past three years but seeing your creative brain in action was magic. I hope returning to one set scheduling process will bring some ease!

 Mike for Public Health Project (PHP) partnership with UVMMC. Incredible work with the students, and a great community connection.

Marcia – for her star-quality work as a service coordinator! She has hit the ground running and is doing extraordinary work.

Natalie –  for her tireless work on encounter data and for ensuring the integrity of our required documentation. She helps each and every one of us get a paycheck through encounter data! And she’s knocking it out of the park.

Morgan – for going above and beyond to help CCS consumers get the services they need. Thank you Morgan!

Randy, for incredible organization with the gazillion building projects going on!

 Jenn W – for her incredible leadership through difficult situations.

Cindy – for her compassionate patience working with an individual whose needs are changing. Your steady presence is making a big difference!

Huge kudos to Rachel Palin. Amazing, collaborative, and caring support being provided to EV. Your intuition and eagerness to provide the best services possible is shining through and so appreciated. Thank you. You’re making a difference!