We have a STAFF full of stars at CCS, but at each month’s All-Staff meeting we invite folks to nominate peers who have been shining extra bright of late. Here’s a list of winners named at our August meeting:

Noah – Thank you for planning ahead and checking in for med delegation on a person new to you BEFORE it became an emergency.

Shelley – for advocating for the people you support and making wonderful things happen!

Mike R – for organizing and preparing for the staff picnic – twice!

Miranda – for being proactive and getting yourself signed off on Special Care Procedure.  Your work ethic is stunning!

Chris and Julie – thank you from the entire Development Department for helping unload an overloaded car in picnic preparation (even though the picnic got rained out).

Emily P – Thank you for your help and support. You are really an asset to the team and the organization.

David – thank you for providing extra coverage to a client in need. I appreciate your dedication and commitment to the people you support.

Lena – Keep up the great work! We are lucky to have you!

Lane – You don’t do a good job—you do a great one. Thank you for all the hard work you put into everything you do!

Freya – thank you for being such a team player. We appreciate everything you do, you rockstar!

Karen – Your drive for constant improvement is contagious. Thank you for inspiring the team to be the best they can be.

Morgan – We’re so grateful to have someone like you on our team who is willing to go above and beyond. Thank you for all you do!

 Brent – thank you for cleaning out the mini fridge! It was much needed.

Josh – for handling a difficult situation with ever changing scenarios.

Lane – he has shown incredible patience, sensitivity, and leadership during the extremely challenging transition for BF.

Lena – for being such an amazing Service Coordinator in such a brief amount of time, thank you for always being there to help solve any problems.

Emily K – thanks for rearranging your busy schedule to bring your client to a much looked forward to weekend Pow Wow.

Kristi K – thank you for diving into ancestory.com to help your client in discovering his true heritage.

Marie – thank you for covering clients while staff is on maternity leave, it is so appreciated.

Letitia – Appreciate your creativity to find fun and engaging activities for a client and even a possible volunteer position, thank you for your great work!

Chris – thanks for helping a client with his lifelong learning presentation at the snap of a finger.

Michelle & Ashley D – You two are incredible! Thank you for all your time, energy and fantastic efforts with LLL/ clients who absolutely love taking this class.

Miranda – your great care and thoughtful efforts are so appreciated here at CCS. Thanks for all you do!

Zach – thank you for bringing your client out on sweet little adventures to Oakledge, Grand Isle and all the other spots you take him to.  Thank you!

Congrats and Thanks to all you winners!