Who We Are


Champlain Community Services is a dynamic organization offering lifelong supports,
understanding fully that individuals and their needs change over time.


Interview with CCS Executive Director Elizabeth Sightler.

Executive Director Elizabeth Sightler talks about what the work CCS is doing means to her, our consumers, and our community.

(Many thanks to Stephanie Faughnan for conducting this interview and creating this piece for us as part of a project she completed while a student at St. Michael’s College).

Our History

Champlain Community Services, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, formed in 1967 and incorporated in 1973. In 2002, CCS closed its sheltered workshop (the last such work center in Vermont) and converted to community-based, individual support services.

Now, CCS focuses on community-based supports for individuals with intellectual disabilities in several areas:

  1. Career development and employment in the competitive economy
  2. Support for entrepreneurs with disabilities to launch micro-businesses
  3. Home and shared living supports
  4. Career development and “school-to-adult” transition supports for high school students
  5. Community supports to ensure access to the many and varied social, cultural, recreational, and experiential resources our community offers
  6. Facilitation for the CCS-based self-advocacy group, Champlain Voices

Our Vision

CCS envisions our community as a place where everyone participates and everyone belongsWe build partnerships as we seek systems change.

We directly support people with intellectual disabilities and autism to maximize independence: at work, at home, in life. community engagement, advocacy, and education. And we actively engage the wider community, supporting it to reach its full potential – as a place that recognizes  and values all its members.

Our Consumers and Families

A true grassroots organization, CCS was created by family members of people with intellectual disabilities and autism. At heart, we remain a small, family-centered organization.

CCS maintains a unique sense of internal community and offers a strong support system for the individuals we work with and their families. We project this model of this model of mutual responsibility and belonging to the wider community through extensive partnerships, with schools, businesses, public and private agencies, and our neighbors.