CCS held it’s first ever remote All-Staff meeting via Zoom this week. We retained the tradition of reading the months “Catch-a-Stars,” staff members nominated by their peers for extraordinary service. Here are those honored at our April meeting:

Brent: a HUGE shout out to Brent. He has been working countless hours to help all of us work remotely in our own unique settings, troubleshooting each of our devices, ensuring that we are able to be connected with each other, and keeping us calm when we might be ready to throw the device out the window. It might seem like a virtually impossible mission, but not for Brent! We sure are lucky to have him around. 

Michelle: Thanks Michelle for being such an awesome supervisor during this unprecedented time.  Your friendly leadership is inspiring, supportive and infectious (in a GOOD way).   

Brent: Thanks to Brent for becoming even more TECH SAVVY. He’s a super-duper star!!!   Last Tues, he patiently worked with me to get an app on my phone.  After a few emails, I successfully was able to get into it.  This was between 8:30-9PM…..AND yes, I was ready to throw my laptop at the wall.   

Scott: Thanks Scott for telling the great story about a person who has previously been criticized for excessive hand washing. The punch line still has me laughing-   “Now, it’s my time to shine.”  

Thanks to the all the allies offering to support advocates in being virtual at the new weekly ZOOM Champlain Voices meeting. 

Beth: for her incredible leadership during this time. Her response has been swift, thoughtful, and motivating to her team. Couldn’t ask for a better leader.  

Brent:  for his beyond amazing work that allowed us to keep functioning as the same agency – while actually a completely different agency. Nothing about how much easier he made that for us was easy. Remarkable. 

The CCS COVID-19 Task Force for long hours, big hearts, full steam ahead energy and the most incredible “Work Hard in a Pandemic” ethics I’ve ever seen!  

Tricia for delivering safety kits to staff near and far. 

Brent: Huge thanks to Brent – the late-night email guy with so much techie support. MUCH appreciated!  

Kudos to ALL OF US: for sticking together and pulling together and because, well, current circumstances! 

Beth for her leadership in this crisis. 

Brent: A huge shout out to our very own Tech Guru, the guy who keeps us all connected and HIPPA compliant! Brent, without your expertise and incredible dedication, the extent of indirect support we provide simply wouldn’t be possible. THANK YOU! 

Nurse Laurie for her daily cheer!  

Julie and Don for maintaining a presence at our CCS Headquarters. 

Judy:  Judy left a cute little note taped to the door for  me, saying thank you and to have a nice day, stay healthy, etc. which made me smile!