Each month, CCS honors those staff members “caught in the act of being extraordinary “during the past month. The best part of the recognition is that it comes from colleagues! Even though most of us are working from home, as a team we are doing great work as this month’s robust list reflects. 

Here’s the “Catch-a-Star” winners list announced at our July “all-staff” meeting:

Paige: for her creativity in finding trivia games to play with Ben D in their weekly zoom meetings in order to work on back-and-forth conversations using Ben’s interests!

Allies of Champlain Voices:  A huge shout out to all the Allies of Champlain Voices. Thank you for being such great people, easily ready to jump through any and all technological hoops to make sure an advocate’s voice is heard in our Zoom Meetings.

Emily P:   For doing an amazing job getting to know your client via zoom and supporting her to try karaoke and even sing!

Wendy:  For providing 4 months of consistent grocery shopping for a family that is quite isolated.  The family is so grateful and appreciative.

Marcia:  For graciously covering for a coworker to make sure your client was able to attend zoom Bingo and dance class at the drop of a hat!

The Wellness Committee:  for keeping wellness a priority and spending their time and energy finding ways for the rest of us to do the same. 

Wayne: for delivering exceptional direct services to individuals during this pandemic! You’ve been a consistent support to folks who need essential care. Thank you!

Justin- Thank you for checking in with N.S. regularly and bringing her some food supplies. She truly enjoys your interactions 

Freya: Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to your clients! Keep Smiling 😊  

Emily K: for your support with NS amidst endless policy and regulatory changes. You have never wavered in your willingness to support clients wherever they’re at both mentally and physically. You are an inspiration to what we all strive to be!