Each month CCS staff nominate colleagues for recognition of work “Above and beyond” the call of duty. We had a long list of winners named at our October all-staff meeting (not surprising with this crew!).

THANKS for the hard work, all. Here’s the list . . .

Way2Work Team: for making W2W the Best Supported Employment Agency in the State of Vermont for the 10thyear in a row!

DSP Jak: for proactively calling Nurse Laurie to be delegated on a mid-day medication for a consumer that he was asked to support at the last minute.  Thanks for taking charge and making the right things happen!!!!  

Liz:  for her consistent collaboration and follow up, working to create an employment opportunity that my client will find engaging and meaningful.

Fin: for his incredible attention to detail and diligence creating a safe environment for his client and staff.

Julie: thanks for being the best Retreat Planning partner ever. Knowing that I can count on you means I know the retreat will be a success. Whether it’s ordering gifts or brainstorming creative ideas, you always come through. You are a gem, and CCS is so lucky to have you. 

Michelle P:  Thank you for your continued fierce leadership. Your dedication to the Way2Work program and the folks we support is simply inspiring. 

Ron:  Thank you for all of your hard work and leadership in the “Let’s Talk About Work” group. Your thoughtfulness and creativity to create the lessons and jeopardy games is amazing! 

W2W team:  They’ve been working extra hard to make sure folks are covered for their shifts and figuring out schedules (which is a huge puzzle)!

Laurie: for organizing the Fit Test Fest!

Julie:  for ordering the disinfectant wipes for all staff to use.  

Jenn and Brent: for your tireless work on the schedules to ensure everyone is getting the most of everything. Making the impossible, possible

W2Work Team: Congratulations on a bulletin board bigger than the state of Vermont or the world for that matter to the Way2Work Team!  We all know we have the best employment program … but the State knows it too… data just finalized naming W2W as being the top performing supported employment program in the State of Vermont for the last fiscal year.  BUT this means for the last consecutive 10 years!   Yeap, that’s right one full decade of being the highest performing SE program.  Congratulations to Ron, Ashley, Liz, Tyler, Tricia, Sara and Emily for their amazing work within our community, bringing opportunities to all our folks.  And a HUGE thank you to all job coaches for your work keeping W2W on the cutting edge of everything we do.  Our agency is unstoppable.

Don and Randy: for all your research, measuring, and making sure the building is up to Covid code. 

Umbrellas: How about them umbrellas? We’ve not had a chance to get them out till this week. Wow! So big and so CCS proud. Thank you!!

DSPs and Advocates: It’s SO wonderful to have you stopping by and spending time at CCS. I LOVE hearing your voices and seeing you enjoying this beautiful weather. 

Brook:  Thank you for all your advocacy, encouragement, and oversight in the care of NS as she moves through health concerns. This has been a BIG job and we are so grateful for your time and effort in her supports.

Jak & Chelsea:  Thank you for helping navigate a difficult situation with an individual’s work-related anxiety struggles. 

Ron: Have you seen his “Let’s talk about Work” virtual group?  If you haven’t it’s a must.  What an amazing, fun way to  support folks in gaining skills to be successful in their work!  Thank you so much for all your time, effort, and enthusiasm in creating this interactive opportunity.  And if you think this is it….. he has big plans for this process… so much more greatness to come.  Thank you Ron! 

Karen:  Somehow you managed to pull off a virtual retreat and we are so grateful!  The crafts, the gifts, the food, the chill time all greatly and joyfully appreciated! 

Gabby:  Wowzer.. you are incredible.  Great collaboration, insight, and kindness within a meeting with a difficult family.  Your attention to detail and follow through was superb and exciting to see. Thank you!

Liz:  When we have to run, jump, and move quickly – she is right there with her running shoes on.   Thank you Liz for your flexibility and willingness to go and do what is needed as we transition folks back to work.  You have really taken on your roll within Way2Work and a great example to why W2W is the best.

Emily A: Bridging Extraordinaire – The Bridging program has started  in a “In person, virtual, in person, some virtual, all virtual back to in person… oh my” kind of year.   And each obstacle we face – she has the same tone, same want and value – How do we support youth in engaging in their community and to find their best selves?   I am totally amazed with her creativity, exuberance, and belief in the work she does.  So very thankful she is commanding one of the most important programs we have established.  Thank you Emily! 

Tricia: Ever heard of square tires from your vehicle sitting to long?  Well Tricia’s certainly don’t – cause her wheels are always turning in support to W2W in getting folks back to work!  And she has even started job coaching.  She never stops helping or wanting to help and what a gift that is to CCS.  Thank you Tricia!

Ashley:  Catch a star to the emerging leader within Way2Work.  Your work exemplifies why other agencies look upon us for our expertise within the field.  Your roles take on job coaching, mentoring, data guru, ISA goal advisor and implementor, your feedback is honest and encourages growth, and so much more.  You are a shining star within Way2Work and we are so grateful for you!

Tyler: Service coordinator to Way2Work – and not missing a beat.  Thank you for joining our team and for your support in providing coverage to folks returning to work.  We are so excited to have you as part of the W2W team!