We think CCS is a great place to work and we are proud of the outstanding staff that helps make CCS a special place. We also like to point out exemplary service above and beyond the call!

Each month we recognize staff members — nominated by their colleagues — who have been “caught in the act” of doing something extraordinary here at CCS.

If you know someone who you think deserves the “star treatment,” put your nomination in the box in the staff mail & copy room.

Awards are announced at the monthly First Thursday all-staff meeting!

These employees were honored at the August All-Staff meeting:

Laura B: thank you for making the Big Book of Things to do in Vermont! This is a great resource for our staff and the people we serve.

Lynn: thank you for taking Kenny to the Pow Wow on your day off. You really made Ken happy and it is appreciated!

Emily Y: thank you for your efforts with a challenging client. You are a steady source of much needed support and your diligence is appreciated.

Ashley: thanks for jumping right in and being part of the team!

Randy: for taking the time and having the skill to complete our Intentional Garden arbor in time for the dedication ceremony.

Emily A: for co-facilitating the Champlain Voices planning of the Intentional Garden dedication ceremony. As Karen said, “Who ELSE could offer guitar, accordion, and bagpipe music at the same event?”

Karen: for her beautiful dance at the Intentional Garden party. It was so celebratory and enchanting and so like her! I felt like I was in Narnia.

Emily A: your tireless guest advocating and believing in our consumers here at CCS is heartfelt! If your budget allows for it can your purchase a 3-D copy machine so we can make an infinite number of copies of you and place them all over the world?

Don: for taking time to clean the chalkboard in Marie G’s new office. Don spent 45 minutes scrubbing the chalkboard to get rid of a stain and saved us from having to buy a new chalkboard.

Liz: has a way of bringing the “best” out of her clients and everyone else’s too. Her quick, fun wit makes them smile, laugh and forget about their woes and cares.

Lynn M: I admire Lynn’s calm, easy-going manner – especially with her clients. It’s a reminder for me to be “present” and to enjoy the moment!