We think CCS is a great place to work and we are proud of the outstanding staff that helps make CCS a special place. We also like to point out exemplary service above and beyond the call!

Each month we recognize staff members — nominated by their colleagues — who have been “caught in the act” of doing something extraordinary here at CCS.

If you know someone who you think deserves the “star treatment,” put your nomination in the box in the staff mail & copy room.

Awards are announced at the monthly First Thursday all-staff meeting!

These employees were honored at the June All-Staff meeting:

George:  for covering so many overnights for a client in need.

Laura B: for jumping right in and helping to make things a team effort!

Finlay:  for being so attentive to ISA goals when writing notes.  It is appreciated!

Marita: for always acting with grace in any situation that may arise…

Emily A, the Way2Work team and interns: for pulling off a beautiful graduation gala for the bridging students.

Mike:  for his vision of how to celebrate the 50th anniversary – and his work to make it a year-long, community-based and thoughtful celebration of who WE are.

Marie G:  for embracing the roll-out of the AFC homes at CCS with courage and gusto!

Brent: for helping to sort out complicated budgeting problems while also keeping track of E.H.R. needs and issues and remaining patient and fun!

Colleen:  for taking on the flower project and helping to beautify our building.

Lucy: for her tireless work weeding, transplanting, shopping and planting flowers in the garden.  You have helped CCS shine.

Lucy: for asking for and receiving a donation from Claussen’s for flowers for our gardens.  Thanks for going above and beyond and beautifying CCS.

Colleen: for buying flowers, weeding the gardens and making the CCS flower gardens POP.  It really makes CCS a more welcoming place.  Thank you.

Emily A: for an inspiring job with the Bridging Program this year.  And an AMAZING gala!

Leigh:  for daring to step up clean a mess that was not her own in the conference room prior to a meeting.

Julie: for alerting Mike to a photo opportunity that resulted in a wonderful picture in our garden area.

Karen: for her brilliant supervision of our volunteer (Caleb) who turned a dormant project into something special thanks to her creativity and guidance.

Emily A: for finishing out the Bridging program year strong…creating and executing a gala evening that was inspirational and beautiful…to always finding ways to collaborate with our community to bring more richness into the lives of our students. Just a few examples of the amazing work you do. The dedication and drive to build a better community where each student has the opportunity to show who they are and to be proud of that as well.  You are a GEM and we are so thankful for you.