Who are our December “stars?” Each month CCS staff nominate colleagues “caught in the act” of being extraordinary in their jobs. We had a lot of them in December – here’s the list!

Marie L –  Thanks for jumping in with us, learning who we are and leading the venture into this great unknown,  but becoming more and more familiar every day, frontier called “Virtual Community Life in the 21st Century.” All Aboard!!!!

Service Coordinator team  – for swooping in and finding a place for someone to stay at a moment’s notice. 

Freya – thank you Freya, for being a super, duper problem solver. You dropped whatever you were doing to help me virtually connect with someone and did it with good humor. I am so appreciative of your patience. You are a star!

Jenn – thank you for showing up every week, listening and making me feel heard and understood. You are a warm, clear communicator and I appreciate your practical advice.

Julie – thank you for being so consistently happy to hear from me whenever I make a call to the office. Your calm and gentle voice always causes me to pause. I often think of all the many people who benefit from that, as well as me.

Emily P – The CCS Development Department gives special thanks to Emily P for her enthusiastic support and promotion of the CCS Benefit Bake at American Flatbread, as well as her encouraging words to the Development team.

Lucy – The CCS Development Department gives special thanks to Lucy for her successful “Giving Tuesday” fundraiser on Facebook. At the time of this nomination Lucy’s fundraiser, along with Beth’s and Mike’s and a generic CCS appeal, had raised more than $2,500 on “Giving Tuesday!” and we keep getting more. 

Randy– Wow! You signed up to take care of a building that’s usually teeming with people. Thanks for maintaining a solid presence in the wake of Don’s big departure and our very different times.

Nate- I’m sure this Catch a star will be among many. Thanks for arriving and filling this new role with wonderful energy. While I sure don’t want to have to contact you with an issue, I’m happy to know you’ll here to find solutions.

Service coordination team – thank you for pulling together and doing so many BIG, small & tiny Little things over the past several months that have made a Huge impact on the people we serve and as a team as a whole. Thank you! I’m proud to work with each of you!  

Beth! – Oh [pause] — My [pause] —-  GOSH! – Thank you for leadership & helping us each continue to weather and maneuver the storms and at times tsunami’s that seem to come our way. You don’t get thanked enough. You’re a fantastic co-worker and even better leader. Thank you!  

Rachael  – thank you for your dedication to the clients you support and your contagious laughter

Brook – thank you for being such awesome backup support during this roller coaster of a week with on-call

Beth –  you are an incredible leader! Thank you for all you do for CCS staff and clients

Michelle P – You are a ray of sunshine, thanks for always lifting our spirits

Julie  – where would we be without you. Thanks for all that you do.

Chelsea – thank you for always going the extra miles plus…..

Freya – thank you for being a great support

Julie – thank you for all your help 

Brook – thank you for dropping everything to help us out.