The staff was still buzzing about “the best retreat ever,” so it was no surprise when Staff Retreat organizers Karen and Julie swept the “Catch-a-Star” awards* at our October meeting. The awards:

Karen & Julie: Shout out to Julie and Karen for the extremely fun annual Retreat!  Everything made it easy to connect with other CCS employees without pressure.  The painting was creative (and easy for those of us who don’t have an artistic bone in our bodies), the lawn games were wicked fun, the food was delicious and ending the day with the large collage project was a great way to show that everyone’s individual efforts help create the bigger picture, in so many more ways than art!  You guys knocked it out of the park!

Karen & Julie: I nominate Julie and Karen for pulling together THE BEST RETEAT in the history of retreats!  Such a fun, mellow and great day with good food, friends and creativity.  Thank you!

*CCS takes nominations from staff to recognize colleagues “caught in the act” of being exceptional, with winners announced at each month’s All-Staff meeting!