We think CCS is a great place to work and we are proud of the outstanding staff that helps make CCS a special place. We also like to point out exemplary service above and beyond the call!

Each month we recognize staff members – nominated by their colleagues – who have been “caught in the act” of doing something extraordinary here at CCS.

Staff – If you think deserves the “star treatment,” put your nomination in the box in the staff mail & copy room.

Awards are announced at the monthly First Thursday all-staff meeting!

These employees were honored at the May All-Staff meeting:

Carol: Carol Hutcheon: thank you for taking the time VERY last minute, unexpectedly and in the middle of running your own errands, to take an individual grocery shopping who was running out of food and needed assistance. 

Liz: for how seriously she takes her role as a therapeutic catalyst for growth health whether dealing with clients, coworkers, or the agency as a whole. 

Mike: For all his work to get our name out and make such a special annual lunch. It was a blast and a huge success. 

Nurse Heather: For doing such a great bloodborne pathogens training with very little time to prep! 

Meghan M: for an excellent boundaries training and for nominating and speaking about Meghan K’s award at the annual lunch 

Scott: for HIS terrific training on communication AND doing a great job presenting the DSP award to Eva G. 

Karen and Julie: for pulling together the WHOLE training day – food, speakers, setting up the space and taking care of everyone. Thank you!!! 

Scott Broderick: for a lot of hard work and long hours this month, a great training, and a lovely honoring at the Annual Lunch. 

Matt: for your dedication, uplifting energy, and considerate way of connecting with the people you support. Your willingness to take on any challenges that you encounter and flexibility with changes is valuable and appreciated, welcome to the team! 

Scott: thank you for your comprehensive and highly entertaining training on Communication. 

Meghan MA: thanks for your thoughtful training on boundaries at the all staff inservice. 

Heather: thanks for jumping in and doing the blood borne pathogens Jeopardy! So much fun. 

Beth: your continued advocacy for our services is second-to-none. Thanks for keeping us at the forefront of the legislature’s minds. 

Wayne: Congratulations on his One Year anniversary at CCS 

Congratulations to Jessica & Trish who are celebrating Two Years at CCS 

Congratulations to Julie who is celebrating THREE Years at CCS 

Liz: Congratulations on FOUR fine years at CCS 

Bruce: Could we have a drum roll please? Bruce has been at CCS for FOURTEEN YEARS! Thank you for your devout dedication to CCS and the individuals here.