Each month we recognize staff members – nominated by their colleagues – who have been “caught in the act” of doing something extraordinary here at CCS. We’re a little late reporting last month’s Catch-A-Star winners, but they doesn’t dim their shine. So here they are:

These employees were honored at the August All-Staff meeting:

Lucy: a big thank you to Lucy who had the energy to clean out the overflowing recycle bin and put the recycling downstairs. W2G! 

Emily K: thanks to Emily K for bringing the recycling downstairs.

Scott:  for dealing with MULTIPLE crises week after week and still maintaining his humor, helping out with new service coordinators and ability to get things done!

David C:  for learning how to write and present new statewide equity proposals – and getting the money!

Marie G and Tiffany – for playing Homeward musical chairs/houses every week to keep people safely and happily housed.

The WHOLE Way2Work team – for being the best job development team…. anywhere!  And not just because we think so – but because of data!

Roxy: thank you for working late into the evening two nights in a row for a person that was needed. Your assistance and caring for this person are greatly appreciated! You are a rock star!

Torin:  thank you for staying with someone overnight in a hotel on short notice.  Your help was greatly appreciated by the person and us! It’s a pleasure to work with you!

Julie: thank you for bringing a calmsoothing presence to CCS with your gentleness and serene voice.  

Thanks to everyone who participated in the gardens outside CCS.

Lucy: A big thank you to Lucy who spent time on the week-ends to water the gardens at CCS. Your garden nurturing and tending brings joy to many people.

Liz: many thanks for your efforts with the LGBTQIA and Wellness groups!

Congratulations and Thanks to all of you.