Each month we recognize staff members – nominated by their colleagues – who have been “caught in the act of doing something extraordinary” here at CCS. 

These employees were honored at the January All-Staff meeting:

Tyler:  For your efforts in getting up to speed on job development and communication with a unique situation.  

Tricia: For creating a safe place for clients to speak freely about their worries and concerns, and for relating information that we may not be aware of.  Relationship building is half the work, and you’ve made it so that people feel comfortable to share. THANK YOU!  

George, Torin, Jak and EmilyThank you all for taking the time this weekend to assist with emergency respite! The individual is fortunate to have such caring staff.  

Leigh: Thank you for all you do and for going above and beyond to assist your coworkers. 

Randy: Thank you for your willingness to always jump in and provide support to any individual in need.  

Sadie: You have been a great support to an individual during this difficult time. Thank You! 

Julie:  thank you for your help in finding someone to help me find a person’ address when Google could not find the street and was telling me to get out and walk miles from the home.  

Adam:  thank you for talking me through finding a person’s home as the street was not listed on Google. Both you and Julie had a lot of patience in helping me reach my destination.  

George: For being available to save the day, as usual. Your efforts are heroic! 

Sadie B: For spending lots of extra time with a client in crisis. You are a stabilizing force! 

Jak: For chipping in to help a client in crisis. 

Torin: For being available to assist with a client in crisis 

Emily K: For being there when a client had extra needs. 

Randy H: For always going the extra mile and recognizing where help is needed most. 

Team Peter: You know who you are. Without you we would not have made it this far. Motels and hotels and nights at Troy Ave! Team Peter, we thank you, you shine like a star.  

Paige:  Your honest, kind and compassionate nature with our clients does not go unnoticed.  Many thanks and praises for all your hard work and dedication to our clients. 

Randy & Torin: thank you for driving to Randolph to pick up the van and bringing it to Morrisville.