At each month’s “all-staff” meeting we announce a list of CCS staff members “caught in the act” of being extraordinary during the prior month. The best part of the recognition is that it comes from colleagues! Even though most of us are working from home, as a team we are doing great work as this month’s robust list reflects. 

Here’s the “Catch-a-Star” winners list announced at our June meeting:

Brent: Thank You to Brent for fixing my Laptop! 

Leigh: A big star to Leigh who has organized and schedules literally DOZENS of service coordinator interview, follow-up calls and refence checks!  We’ve hired 3…one more to go!  Thank you, Leigh – and thank you to the whole team for pitching in and helping with the interviews.  It’s HARD to do this on Zoom.  

Marie G: Thank you Marie for organizing the baby Shower for Tiffany!  It was so much fun! 

Michelle: thank you for helping us to navigate the wild, unruly, and obtuse work of Unemployment Assistance during a pandemic! 

ALL OF US: To each one you who is still here with us, navigating unsettled waters and doing it with creativity, lots of smiles and communication.  We’re doing something extraordinary here – and it’s because of YOU.  Thank YOU! 

To our DSP Direct Facilitators:  Maggie, Sadie, and Judy – you have helped the staff navigate this wonderful resource.  Thanks for the idea and for making it happen! 

Lucy:  thank you for setting up virtual Bingo!  

Julie:  You are that very quiet elf that makes everything come together without boasting and seeking credit!  Without you, we would be pretty lost in a bit of chaos.  Thank You Julie!   

Kelly:  thank you for all your Zoom knowledge and help. 

Kristi: thank you for taking the lead with DSP Connect!  

Cindy…just because… 

Nurse Laurie: many thanks for the cheering, uplifting emails, full of appreciative observations, recipes, and encouragement! 

Randy, Brent, and Karen:  for all you do to make sure the payroll process runs smoothly.  

Lucy:  for all the connections you are making with clients of your own, and others in general, organizing an online Bingo Group. 

Sadie and Maggie:  for being the music-playing tag team for the Karaoke Zoom meetings and for co-hosting the DSP Connect weekly.