Each month we recognize staff members – nominated by their colleagues – who have been “caught in the act of doing something extraordinary” here at CCS.

These employees were honored at the December All-Staff meeting:

Tricia:  For doing such fantastic work supporting a client at a job site. We have tried many different ways to support the client in being more productive, and you’ve been instrumental in the process. The employer gave you high compliments for all your hard work. Thank you! 

Wayne and Torin: thank you for your exceptional support of B.F. He can be challenging at times, but you both carry on with diligence and humor.  Thank you very much!  

Tyler: thanks for your help on my computer.  

W2W: for transitioning a consumer from a job he found unfulfilling to a new position where he is happy and is moving up the ladder.   

Natalie, Heather L and George: for making sure an individual was covered for the holiday break and was able to enjoy the holiday.   

Karen and Don: Special thanks to Don and Karen for getting the new CCS mural finished and hanging it in the “Great Hall”.