Fresh off our February 2021 All-Staff meeting, here’s the latest list of “Catch-a-Star” award winners – staff members “caught in the act” of being extraordinary and nominated by their colleagues who noticed.

Karen – for always coming up with creative, practical, good solutions when they’re needed!  Thank you for working so hard to take care of the staff.  

Emily K – You were there for us when we called. You were there for him when he needed someone. You were there, you were willing, and we couldn’t be more grateful!  

Kristi – for being so positive each and every day! Thanks for everything you do for your clients!! I’m so lucky to have you on my team!  

Morgan –  for handling a very scary situation at a work site with professionalism and confidence! YOU ROCK!!!  

Wendy –  for recently joining C’s team and instantly being the motivation needed for a long time. We’re so lucky that you joined us!!  

Maggie –  for being such a great addition to E.S’s team and always coming up with fun virtual activities to do!!  

Laurie – Thank you for making sense of all the changing medical, PPE, Covid-19 guidance – and making it so accessible and even fun.  Your cheerful and fun attitude makes all this so much easier.  

Brook – You did an incredible and professional job navigating an emotional and complicated issue last week.  Thank you!  

Brent – Thank you for always being ready to help – make a spreadsheet, remember what the guidance is – and where it is – and keeping us all organized and working remotely!  

Marie G –   Thank you for taking such great care of our Homeward program and all the complex and challenging issues that arise.  You have taken the program off the ground and made it fly!  Thank you!  

Julie –  for all of your help and more!  

Chelsea –  You’re an amazing Service Coordinator!  

Michelle H – for your guidance and approachability thus far.  

Freya –  Thank You especially for always supporting and going beyond and always being there.  Amazing changes are credited to you.   Jenn –  Thank you for being so positive!  

Marie L –  for making Zoom happen and so easy to be able to get into and attend Zooms. Thank You!  

Jenn –  you deserve our thanks and appreciation for managing weekly scheduling, as changes and updates in personnel and society in general continue to make your job a major challenge. Thank you, thank you.