Each month CCS staff nominate colleagues for recognition of work “above and beyond” the call of duty. Here’s the list of awards from our November all-staff meeting. 

THANKS for the hard work, all.

Marie G – thank you for being an incredible leader for Homeward and for putting the needs of the people we serve first. You’re awesome!

Marcia – For always being happy to help wherever needed with a smile! Thank you!

Marie D –  Thank you for always advocating for your clients, you want the best for them and it shows in your work!

Brook –  You always find a way to put humor in a situation to brighten the mood! Thanks!

Beth – Thank you for always bringing the calm to the moment, no matter how crazy or stressful, your voice grounds us back down. 

Julie – YOU ARE THE BEST!! Thank you for holding down the fort at CCS and doing so much to keep the wheels turning for us all! We couldn’t do it without you. 

Heather – Thank you for your support and being the calm in the storm!

Brent – thank you for fixing my computer-  again.

Chelsea –  for your support and great ideas.

Freya – for being on our team and your awesome smile! 

Nurse Laurie –  For a week I tried to get my Covid19 test results (quarantining the whole time) and Laurie called on my behalf and within 5 minutes I had my results!!  Happy to be able to work again!  Thank you Laurie!

Julie – For all your help managing and reserving tents and indoor spaces in the building. Putting together the DIY newsletter and just wearing so many hats. You are always there when we need something.