Every month at our “All-Staff” meeting we announce a list of “Catch-a-Star” award winners – staff members “caught in the act” of being extraordinary and nominated by their colleagues who noticed.

Here are the awardees from the January 2021 meeting!

Marc Willis & Judy V  – thank you for your excellent work with J.L. for so long.  

Emily P – thank you  for joining JL’s team and already building a great rapport with him! 

Leigh –  for your leadership during a very chaotic ON-CALL weekend. 

Randy – for taking on the enormous project of cleaning out over 50 years of accumulated stuff and making the downstairs cold storage warm. 

Beth –  for her consistent behind-the-scenes advocacy at the State for our staff, the individuals in services, and the always putting the greater good first.  

Kristi  for your warm smile and positive attitude and willingness to always take on new projects with enthusiasm!  

The Service Coordination Team  – for swooping in to ensure that an individual had 24hour coverage at a moment’s notice. Team Awesome indeed. 

George –  is always at-the-ready to provide care in emergent situations. Who you gonna call?  George Ellwood!  

Marie Lallier –  for building a comprehensive virtual activities program, for reaching out to individuals to work with them on their needs, their interests and to guide them on how to start their own group. True to our mission you are building a program where everyone participates and belongs.  

To Ron Turner’s spirit– We’re hugely sad that we can’t see your body but we are SO thankful that your spirit is alive and well and with us. It has truly been a pleasure to talk with the young people you’ve mentored and hear about the confidence you instilled in them, the guidance you gave (though we know you simply just opened the door to their own lives a little wider) and the immense impact you had ‘just being your special way of being you’ on everyone. 

Brook- Thank you for giving Michelle a big hug when she really needed one. 

Beth – Thank you for your COVID positivity and nuts and bolts details. Your emails are like wonderful sermons. 

Julie-  5,256 times “Thank You” for being such an incredible CCS host to all!  Thank you SO much for our opportune meeting at the door on Monday morning. I really needed a smile and some kind words around Ron’s death.  

Randy – for catching a website glitch that could have created expensive problems if not taken care of in a timely manner.