Every month at our “all-staff” meeting CCS staffers nominate colleagues who’ve achieved mightily or gone above and beyond in the workplace. Here are our “Catch-a-Star” honorees named at the September meeting . . .

Karen:  for successfully completing the year-long Vermont Leadership Institute while negotiating the global pandemic and all the extra responsibilities that required of her here at CCS! 

Chelsea: thank you for being such a great support.   

Roxy:  For stepping up to the plate and being an AMAZING support for a client in a time of great need! You’re the best!! 

George: For being flexible and willing to help out wherever needed! 

Julie:  thanks for All You do and More 

Sara F:  For your openness to learning, and creativity and communication in returning to direct supports! 

Jak and Lance:  for their excellent work with Jose and for their flexibility in the past month while Jose’s SLP was on vacation. 

Don and Randy: thank you for all your hard work in putting up the new CCS tents.  

Emily K: thank you for your amazing flexibility and ability to work with so many clients on short notice. Thank You! 

Finlay:  thank you for stepping up and covering PB when you are short staffed.