At each month’s “all-staff” meeting we announce a list of CCS staff members “caught in the act” of being extraordinary during the prior month. The best part of the recognition is that ir comes from colleagues! Even though most of us are working from home, as a team we are doing great work as this month’s robust list reflects.

Here’s the “Catch-a-Star” winners list announced at our May meeting:

Karen: for being so patient with staff questions and helping me through a scheduling issue.  

Sadie: thank you for setting up the DSP meetings on Zoom.  

Paige:  I would like to nominate Paige for her enormous patience, willingness and persistence. She was able to teach a new skill to a colleague at a minute’s notice and was unflinching in her ability to solve a technical problem. She did all of this with grace and respect and left her colleague feeling empowered. Thanks Paige, you are a star! 

Kudos to ALL who made the DSP group happen!  

Liz: thank you for all your in-person work and support to NS and PS, this time has been so valuable and greatly appreciated by all. 

Ashley UI goddess!  Thank you for all your hard work in supporting folks in applying for unemployment assistance, filling out applications and keeping things in order.  Your attention to detail is beyond fantastic and we so appreciate you! 

Beth: Many thanks to Beth and her team for their hard work on our behalf to keep CCS going through this pandemic.     

Ron Big picture dreamer, creator, influencer and initiator.   Wow… so fantastic to have someone taking our dreams of Way2Work, researching them and building plans on how we can incorporate them into our work and vision of employment for all.  Thank you for dedicating time in keeping the momentum going. 

Emily there are so many words to describe her and how she is supporting students in our new virtual world – dynamic doesn’t even cut it.   Emily has arranged virtual meetings, student weekly assignments and school collaboration to ensure that her students are coming together and still benefiting from their communities and the learning that Bridging provides.   How she pulls it all together each week is baffling to me… and she does it with such great charisma! 

Tricia:  How high can one jump… well Tricia can jump pretty high when it comes to supporting CCS and the needs of our folks.  Tricia is always open and willing to go the extra mile (and she certainly did many miles) to bring supplies to families, SLPs and our folks.   And eager to do more when we have things that need a little extra care.  Thank you so much Tricia!  You are a GEM 

Beth: Fearless leader – sums it all up.  Grateful, inspiring, driven, motivated are just a “few” other words that come to mind quickly……. I think we could take every positive verb in the dictionary and relate it to Beth. 

Julie: Glue that holds us together – super glue at that… because no matter what is thrown at her she can pull it together with such strength. So thankful that we have her voice, her dedication and pure being at CCS.  She simply makes CCS better. 

Karen:  Human Resource is part of her role.  I think of it more of resources with an incredible human touch.  Always giving her full attention to projects but mostly people, always giving kindness within a direct approach the promotes well-being and movement.  How can you ever leave a meeting without a smile and a feeling of relief?  Thank you Karen for all you do! 

Bruce: for keeping the beat with Bob! 

Emily and Kristifor checking in on Kenny! 

Finfor taking care of all things “Paul”. 

George:  for stepping up when extra shifts needed to be covered for PB. 

Covid-19 Task force A shout out and thank you to the Covid-19 Task force for meetings, laughter, brilliance and whole lot of caring.  

Lucy: for heading up an accessible raised bed garden project for CCS! 

Brent: for making the wildest, most comprehensive and beautiful, color coded, formula embedded spreadsheet that I’ve ever seen. You made the perfect lemonade from the lemons handed to us. So refreshing.  

George for the great video he sent for virtual karaoke!