We think CCS is a great place to work and we are proud of the outstanding staff that helps make CCS a special place. We also like to point out exemplary service above and beyond the call!

Each month we recognize staff members — nominated by their colleagues — who have been “caught in the act” of doing something extraordinary here at CCS.

If YOU know someone who you think deserves the “star treatment,” put your nomination in the box in the staff mail & copy room.

Awards are announced at the monthly First Thursday all-staff meeting!

These employees were honored at the March All-Staff meeting:

Sarah D: I really appreciate the level of sensitivity you shared with my client during the interview. You made him feel sooo relaxed.

Emily A: for coordinating the show and a reception for the Bridging Program photography project at Penny Cluse, and for her own amazing presentation to the entire restaurant the day of the reception!

Colleen: for supporting a client in a way that has allowed him to grow.

Emily Y: thank you for your sense of humor and diligent work ethic, you always go above and beyond. It is appreciated.

Sadie: thanks for doing the tough work to learn how to practice facilitated communication with your client. You are giving him a voice!

Eva G: thanks for diving right in and offering your client a seamless transition back to services at CCS. You are truly a star!